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Finally a Safe & Secure Way to Invest Your Money

Now you can diversify your investments with ease

If you’ve worked hard for your money, you don’t want to risk losing it over time due to inflation, or outdated investments. Traditionally your investment options were the stock market or the bank.

Now there is a innovative way to invest your money in secured loans, with borrowers who will pay for the benefit of using your cash, whilst giving you a mortgage on their home to secure the loan.

Now is the time to keep your money earning growth, whilst you putting in minimal time to manage it. At Parkworth Investments we do all the running around and due diligence – You simply sit back and watch your money grow with the investments you choose to invest in.

Get the benefit of a wide range of investment opportunities, all in one place.

Why Invest at Parkworth 1

Investment Opportunities at Parkworth Investments Include:

Residential Loans

Commercial Loans

Business Loans

First Mortgages

Second Mortgages

Here at Parkworth Investments we have made your investment task a pleasurable one. Simply turn on your PC, laptop or mobile phone, go to our website, log in and view the latest loan investment opportunities from around Australia we have available at that time. Read the due diligence documentation and when ready, simply click to register the amount of money you wish to invest.

So you want your savings to grow, but you don’t want to take risks. That’s where Parkworth Investments really embraces excellent fund growth, without mitigated risks. Property is a good safe investment over time, and our loans ensure that your investment has a better ROI than a normal bank mortgage return, with the added benefit of it being secured by property.

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